I am not an underwear fan. Personally, I really hate to spend my drinking tokens on tiny slips of material that, inch for inch, are so fucking expensive! OK, I’ll admit to paying out for lingerie that I’ll use in photoshoots for my sites or, but that’s business. So in everyday terms, I am underwear free. Bras and pants just do not come into my daily dressing routine.

I am assured, however, that there are men who like nothing more than a pair of lacy, pink panties. On themselves.

We all know about trannies like DeliaCD, who I blogged HERE, but this is a diffent kind of cross dressing. This is cross dressing sissy style. Please forgive me if this is something you, or anyone you know is into, but I am not knowledgeable about this, in the slightest.

Slipping into a pair of frilly knicks, that are normally reserved for a girl, can be a totally erotic experience. Feeling the satiny lustre of the material as it slides up, over your thighs and slips up, enclosing your rapidly expanding penis, is a pleasure all unto itself. But the story is told so much better by Rikki from

It was Thursday and time for my milking so Last night Plush had me dress in a pair of full cut pink nylon panties with white lace trim and a bright pink baby doll nightie she bought for me on Ebay.
As I pulled the panties up my legs my cock began to get hard, as usual. When I pulled them up and over I had a delicious tent poking straight out. Plush commented on how hard I was and how ready I was for my milking.
She helped me on with the pink baby doll nightie and turned my all around to get a good look at me. Now I had a panty tent and a nightie tent. the two layer of nylon swirled around my hard clitty. I was told to walk back and forth in front of the living room window for all the neighbors to see. I was lucky, no one saw me. Well I did see a curtain move across the street so it possible that I was seen by the pretty woman that lived there.
The milking position for the night was standing in front of the living room couch while Plush sat in front of me.
The first thing she did was rub me all over cooing over the lace trim and the little ribbons that decorated the nightie. Standing there in front of her like that while she was fully dressed made me really hot and really hard. I couldn’t wait for her to touch my cock, but she wasn’t ready yet. She had me turn around and bend over and show her my panties ass. I held the nightie up and pushed my butt out. I felt her hands rubbing my ass all over and even poking in between my cheeks.
She turned me around to face her and then she lifted the nighty and there I was a big hard on pushing out my panties. I felt the first electric touch on my pantied cock and it sent shivers up my spine.

Sissy Rickki from

If you want to see more Pantied Cock, click HERE.

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No, it’s not Readers Cocks today, I’m afraid. Just a little note that there may be a reduction in blogging this weekend, as Reese and I are off to that London.

We have tickets to Erotica, the world’s largest lifestyle show for freethinking adults who are comfortable with their sexuality.

Should you, by chance, also be attending Erotica, do look out for us! And if you, again by chance, don’t know what we look like, click HERE to see our pic.

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