Oh My God

You know me, I get to see a lot of cock. So it is not very often that I will look at a photo and exclaim “Oh my God!”

But I did.

Matt H from Blake Mason has a super-sized cock. Truly, he does. In fact when I first saw him, I thought he might be Matt Hughes, previously seen here from English Lads. Especially as Blake Mason is a British site, too.

Here’s Matt Hughes:

Matt Hughes from EnglishLads.com

But now I am not too sure if this Matt H is the same – mainly because the Matt H, above, has tattoos. But cop an eyefull of this boy… he really is OMG-tastic. BlakeMason say:

There’s so much I want to tell you about how this fit, charming, super-hung young fella came to be in front of my cameras… but I can’t! All I will say is that he applied way back in February and due to events beyond our control, it’s taken way too much time to actually get him here for a shoot ;-)
But you know me… I always persevere! Matt H has got that cute, devilish face which matches his “boy next door” personality perfectly. And it just makes him one of the most fun guys I’ve ever filmed… and that in itself says something! Totally relaxed, he’s quite the entertainer and he found it difficult to keep his spunk contained ;-)
You see, once that HUGE 11_ inch uncut cock was at full mast, Matt H was just totally in that zone and this guy sure was eager to explode. And when he did spunk, well, I never thought cum could fly through such a big dick as that! I am, and will remain, in awe of this super-hung straight guy who made a damp weekend even more moist ;-)

Matt H from BlakeMason.com Matt H from BlakeMason.com Matt H from BlakeMason.com

Matt H from BlakeMason.com

Matt Hughes from EnglishLads.com and Matt H from BlakeMason.com are one and the same! In the BlakeMason photos, Matt has managed to hide his tattoos, but the jewellery is identical. The dog-tag necklace and the ring on his left hand are what gave it away. That and the foot long penis, of course!!

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4 Responses to “Oh My God”

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    […] Mmmatt. You may remember Matt H from blogs such as this one from July, this year. He is not one to forget… what with his abnormally long schlong. […]

  2. Ashley Says:

    mybf is 11.5 in long and 5 1/2 in around. he’s a monster.

  3. Joey Love Says:

    We should get together sometime, Matt!!! I love Cock!!!

  4. Jeanie Smith Says:

    Porn Star Nick Boner’s dick is bigger!! his is 15 inches..

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