Large Penis Support Group

Yes, it exists! How cool is that?

Large Penis Support Group ( is a wonderful community forum with chat, personal ads and so much more. I might sound like I’m advertising, but I’m not as I’d get nothing if you went and joined, except a warm, fuzzy glow from knowing you have seen what I have seen.

There are nearly 33,000 members to the site and so many of them have posted galleries of their cock shots and videos and they are all such big boys!! There are many nations represented and all sexualities present, lots and lots of gay men, straight guys, a few nosy and greedy girls, like me… just about everyone!

I am afraid I really can’t post you any of the wonderful pics, as that would be naughty, bad and wrong, so I’ll find you someone else to perve over look at, in a mo. But, should you join LPSG, please say I sent you, when they ask in the Registration form… I’m there as “VixPix”!

Really, if you like big cock, or indeed, if you have one yourself… this is the place to go… you will not be disappointed!

Now on to todays pretty thang…


Luke -

Now, Luke, who I found on is just the cutest, dontcha think? OK he might not qualify for joining LPSG, but with those eyes and that cheeky smile… I’d give him a go. Let’s see him get out of those clothes… he really should do that before getting in the shower.

Luke - Luke - Luke -

All in all…ooooh, ya would! There is much more to see of Luke and other lovely men at

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