A Mouth Stretcher.

I do like a nice big cock. You may have noticed.

I like long ones and I like wide ones. I like long, wide ones too, natch. A frequently asked question is which of the two I prefer. I genuinely could not say. The question often comes in the format of:

“If you could only have sex with one of the following, for the rest of your life, which would it be: 1) A long thin penis; 2) A short fat penis.”

Now, once we have established that “the rest of my life” would equate to a very short period of time, should I be in such a situation, I am still at a loss. I am thinking that I would have to settle on the long thin option. As much as I like a wide one, at least with a long thin one I can stuff something else in next to it (like a vibrator, being as I am not allowed another cock, in this scenario) but with a short fat one, there may not be enough room to squeeze in something else to help reach the end of my vast depths.

When it comes to sucking off a cock, again, I really have no preference. With a long dick, there is always the gagging thing. Yeah, I realise most of us learn how to stop the gag-reflex pretty early on, in our oral-sex lives, but it still happens every now and again, right? Also, those with very lengthy schlongs will not experience total immersion in a mouth for too long. That has to be annoying.

With the wide-boys, it is less an issue of it hitting your puke-trigger and more an issue of splitting the corners of your mouth. Although this injury feels much the same, afterwards, as when you get a paper cut from licking an envelope… you have to admit that fellatio is far more a pleasant way of sustaining such wounds, than any stationery related action might be.

Unless there are people who get off on stationery. I bet there are. I mean, I like going to Office World, but it does not get my knickers wet.

Where was I? Oh, yes… a nice mouth stretcher of a cock. Well, I think that todays fella has such a tool. It’s Evan Grey from Randy Blue. They say:

Evan Grey is a hot muscle boy who attends college in Wisconsin. His milky white skin helps bring out out his gorgeous blue eyes. Yes, it was the eyes I noticed first but, when he took off his shirt my pants began to tighten fast. His body is broad and ripped- it is all I can do to keep myself from licking his abs over and over again. He has never done a jack off video before but, as he put “Why not get paid for something I already do all the time.” I think that is a very smart way to look at things. He has a very shy smile but, you can clearly see a little devil in him- It’s like he is constantly thinking all the dirty things he wants to do to me… Okay, I may be fantasizing a little but, Evan is one big walking fantasy anyway. He walked into the shoot wearing shirt that reads RIDE ME and I am more than happy to oblige. Oh but, it’s all work and no play for me so, I video taped him stroking his fat cock instead. You can tell that he loved showing his body and his cock off to the camera. Knowing that thousands of people will be watching him jerk it turned him on so much. That thought fueled the explosive cumshot the ended the video.

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Evan Grey video on RandyBlue.com

Click HERE for more from Evan Grey an RandyBlue.com

* * *

Here’s a fab foreskin, on a nice long Readers Cock. Enjoy!

Readers Cock Readers Cock

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2 Responses to “A Mouth Stretcher.”

  1. jay Says:

    hot clips! he really looks like he’s enjoying that wank..

  2. henk Says:

    How about some MF stuff again? I love watching women wank.

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